Saturday, July 10, 2010

Halfway Home!

We are continuing to have the most amazing missionaries come and speak here in Mozambique. Iris Ministries had a global meeting here this week, so many of the team leaders from around the world have been here - what an amazing group of precious people.

We were able to spend an entire afternoon with the team leaders from the city in Asia where we want to serve. We learned so much about the heart of the Asian church, and part of the plan that God has for our family was revealed. It was an amazing day for us!

We are trying to change our flights to get back home a week earlier that planned. Randy and I might need to make a quick trip to Asia in the fall to meet the rest of the Iris team, so we are willing to sacrifice the safari we had scheduled after the mission school :)

Thank you for praying for our friends' family - no malaria!!!!! We are enjoying our sweet family time together this summer. The weather has been cool (for Africa), and the beach is absolutely beautiful. I also love being completely surrounded by more than 150 people who love the Lord. I also think that this summer is helping our family adjust to doing with much less than we were willing to give up before.

Heidi Baker baptized Molly in the Indian Ocean last Sunday, and Bill Johnson prayed over our Mason - what a week!!!! We miss each and every one of you, and we have sooooooo much to tell you that we can't discuss over the internet about Asia and what God is doing there. And we also have AMAZING pictures of our summer that won't load here because the internet is so poor. We will just have to have coffee when we get home :)

Much love,
Randy, Mary, Matthew, Mason, Molly and Madelyn


  1. incredible!!! I love reading this, mary! Keep it coming!

  2. I can't wait to hear all of the stories and see all of your pictures! We are continuing to pray for ya'll!